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Our prop money was designed with input from film & advertising pros. We simply made the best prop money, and we stand behind it.

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About Evermont Bills Prop Money

Product Features and Quality

  • All our bills are full print (double-sided), with high-grade detail.
  • Each stack has 100 individual bills, wrapped in a currency strap that denotes the value.
  • The bills in our weathered stacks are put through our proprietary aging process to look realistically worn.
  • We use special UV-ink printing to get unmatched color-fidelity (not faded) and sharpness.
  • Paper and (non-glossy) texture chosen to produce the best results on camera.
  • Specifically designed for use in HD video production and films with input from industry pros, while complying with regulations.
  • All designs expertly created bottom-up from scratch with incredible detail.
  • Full customer support and service, 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.

How is Prop Money Used?

Even if you're not in show business, you've probably already seen prop money on screen without realizing it. Almost all scenes featuring large amounts of cash (think Breaking Bad, Narcos, Billions, etc) use prop money instead of real cash.

Besides just film, prop money is also commonplace in advertising, music videos, financial training, and even law enforcement. Prop money is just much more convenient to use, and you don't need to worry about handling large amounts of real cash.

Prop Money vs Real Cash

Our prop money is carefully designed to resemble real money, but with obvious differences and distinctions. When filmed at a distance, the prop money looks so convincing that viewers don't even notice that it's not real.

But when you look up close, it's a different story. Reputable makers of prop money, such as Evermont Bills, carefully design prop money to be easily distinguishable from the real thing.

Some of these differences include:

  • No holograms, or any of the security features that are found on real bills.
  • No micro-detailing of any kind.
  • "This Is Not Legal Tender" and "For Motion Picture Use Only" written on all the bills.
  • Printed on wood-fiber paper, not linen/cotton rag paper.
  • No color-shifting or metallic inks used.
  • Every official emblem is a different and original design.
  • All the borders are different.
  • All the graphical elements (faces and buildings) have substantive differences.
  • No mention of "Federal Reserve" anywhere.
  • Serial numbers are fictitious, that couldn't appear in real currency.
  • All bills of a denomination have the same fictitious serial number.
  • Fictitious signatures and dates.

Legal Considerations and Regulations

Prop money is not real currency, and its production is heavily regulated by the US Secret Service. It is highly illegal to produce and own realistic replicas of US currency, so you need to be wary of prop money that looks "too good to be true", because it probably is.

Unscrupulous suppliers have flooded the market with exact-looking replicas, but even though they slap the word "replica" or "fake" on the bills, that doesn't make them legal and can get you in trouble.

Evermont Bills has painstakingly created a product that looks realistic on camera, but is still in line with regulations. Our bills are original, copyrighted artwork designed from scratch. They have subtle yet distinct differences from real currency in every aspect.

If you hold our bills, you will see and feel that they are not real. Despite this, people are sometimes tempted to try and spend/pay using prop money. This is a federal counterfeiting crime and will land you in jail.