Legal Disclaimer

The prop money sold on this site is intended for use in video production, TV, film, and movies. The designs resemble real currency and appear as such at a distance on camera. Upon close inspection however, they are immediately identifiable as props.

By purchasing our products you agree to use them in a legal manner.

Attempting to spend/use this prop money as currency is illegal and heavily punishable by law. You will be caught and prosecuted, and Evermont Bills will cooperate fully with law enforcement by providing any information requested.

The prop bills made by Evermont Bills are carefully designed with features to not be usable for illicit purposes. Any requests for alterations to make bills more realistic will not be tolerated, and you may be reported to the authorities. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.

All our bills have been designed bottom-up from scratch. Every component of our bills is original artwork, and there is no copy/replication of real currency. 

Besides that, here is a non-exhaustive list of other differences:

  • No holograms, or any of the security features that are found on real bills
  • No micro-detailing of any kind
  • "This Is Not Legal Tender" and "For Motion Picture Use Only" written on all the bills
  • Printed on wood-fiber paper, not linen/cotton rag paper
  • No color-shifting or metallic inks used
  • Every official emblem is a different and original design
  • All the borders are different
  • All the graphical elements (faces and buildings) have substantive differences
  • No mention of "Federal Reserve" anywhere
  • Serial numbers are fictitious, that couldn't appear in real currency
  • All bills of a denomination have the same fictitious serial number
  • Fictitious signatures and dates
All Evermont Bills designs are protected by copyright, and we do not allow anyone to reproduce or modify our designs.
Read more about why using prop money illegally is a bad idea: Can You Get In Trouble Using Prop Money?